Oh Those Lovin’ Spoonfulls 2 From Ed Powers

Want your wiener polished? The hottest scenes from one of the sexiest BBWs on the web! We are pleased to announce the release of our tenth and final Orgasm Sampler DVD. But wait these aren’t their girlfriends. So this is a sure and guaranteed way to bring some spark back into a monotonous sex life. … Continue reading “Oh Those Lovin’ Spoonfulls 2 From Ed Powers”

Bus Stop Tales Volume Three From Ed Powers

All these sexy psychotic babes are about to lose it and the only cure for their illness is some good old NAUGHTY THERAPY! Totally Tasteless Bus Stop Tales Volume Three From Ed Powers Video gives you fat bald black bearded female bisexual interracial quadriplegic transsexuals . All the while moaning and squealing in pleasure! Inside … Continue reading “Bus Stop Tales Volume Three From Ed Powers”

More Dirty Debutantes 79 From Ed Powers

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Cockless Volume #12 From Ed Powers

So we met this chick at the club the other night and asked her if she would come over our house for a little sex. Anything goes when you’re into boy/girl boy/boy or girl/girl. So the words “virgin” and “nymph” could be seen many times plastered upon the marquees of innumerable 42nd Street Grindhouses and … Continue reading “Cockless Volume #12 From Ed Powers”

Dirty Dirty Debutantes #14 From Ed Powers

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More Dirty Debutantes 2002 Volume 238 From Ed Powers

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Dirtier Debutantes 12 From Ed Powers

Being a mom takes a lot and leaves little time to feed the ravenous desires they have to keep hidden away. So if you are looking for a video that has a girl-next-door element to it this isn’t the one for you. These ladies have gone all -natural and have sex the old-fashioned way: Hot … Continue reading “Dirtier Debutantes 12 From Ed Powers”

Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 8 From Ed Powers

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