Porn O’ Plenty #17 From Ed Powers

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More Dirty Debutantes 2000 Volume 172 From Ed Powers

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Dirty Debutantes 2002 Volume 164 From Ed Powers

Have you shot yours? David has lost his one love Jennifer. At least he is gentle with the tickling fingers. So these black and white ho’s are horny as hell and eager to try something different. You know the song now feel the fire. Well come in and watch as Pepe test the theory with … Continue reading “Dirty Debutantes 2002 Volume 164 From Ed Powers”

Dirty Debutantes 2005 Volume 308 From Ed Powers

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More Dirty Debutantes 45 From Ed Powers

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Colors Of Passion Part 2 From Ed Powers

The beach in this video is gorgeous and makes the perfect setting for some hot outdoor fucking. So it looks like this is a winner. Beautiful Monica just arrived from her home in Sydney Australia a few days before shooting her first video for us. Monica gives the big blue dildo a blowjob and says. … Continue reading “Colors Of Passion Part 2 From Ed Powers”

The Real Naturals #24 From Ed Powers

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Debutante Dreams From Ed Powers

The “Color of Honey” is a non-stop fuck fest of bootylicious honeys and stiff black brothas fucking like there ain’t no tomorrow. Jasmine gives an abbreviated tease before walking up to Sean Michaels and bending over as Michael kisses her ass literally. Will jay find his true calling? Well fed and more than a handful … Continue reading “Debutante Dreams From Ed Powers”