Dirtier Debutantes 8 From Ed Powers

Last is a short clip of Mica’s infamous sister Billie wearing pantyhose and a silk shirt. So this couple gets down and dirty for your enjoyment in a sensual sharing of pleasure! Watch as each little vixen grasps for any and all cocks around. In fact she tells me he just left on a quick … Continue reading “Dirtier Debutantes 8 From Ed Powers”

Global Warming Debutantes Volume 20 From Ed Powers

Holding it by just the cord she dangles it onto her hard and sensitive clit. Big booty bitches backin’ that ass up in this ghetto-fabulous sex-a-thon! Once over the initial rivalry the two girls join forces to personally deliver a bittersweet message he won’t forget. So cJ knows how to show his girlfriend a good … Continue reading “Global Warming Debutantes Volume 20 From Ed Powers”

More Dirty Debutantes 2003 Volume 266 From Ed Powers

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Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 22 From Ed Powers

Saucy Shayla LaVeaux brings down the house — or should we say airport? As if the pussy eating and nipple sucking wasn’t enough Zlata pulls out her giant double dildo and the two girls fuck the shit out of each other. Brooke strips out of her satin pink panties and makes herself busy with the … Continue reading “Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 22 From Ed Powers”

Dirty Debutantes 2004 Volume 292 From Ed Powers

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More Dirty Debutantes 7 From Ed Powers

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Bruce Seven’s Jaded From Ed Powers

He had definitely filled her up a lot. Sandy is a beautiful buxom blonde who is married to Kevin a photographer who approached her to model for him. So gia and Julie Bruce Seven’s Jaded From Ed Powers inadvertently unleash the power and massive cock of an ancient fertility god when they decide to house … Continue reading “Bruce Seven’s Jaded From Ed Powers”

The Real Naturals #8 From Ed Powers

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